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Cannapaw CBD Oil - For All Pets - 30ml

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Cannapaw CBD Oil - For All Pets - 30ml
Cannapaw CBD Oil - For All Pets - 30ml
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Cannapaw CBD Oil - For All Pets - 30ml
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Formulated for pets, Cannapaw CBD Pet Oil is designed to help all pets feel more Vibrant, Achieve Wellness, and helps with Joint Pain, Inflammation, Anxiety and so much more.
30ml bottle contains +- 600 drops

• Cannapaw Normal
300mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil
Dosage • 10 drops

• Cannapaw Plus
300mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil with added Terpenes & Bioflavonoids to enhance the Entourage effect
Dosage • 5-7 drops

Product Description
Keep your furry friend happy and active with our high-quality CBD supplements for pets for optimal health and overall quality of life. Specially formulated to help erase pet anxieties improving their awareness, sharpening their senses, and easing their anxiousness or sensitivities. Cannapaw is NOT a pharmaceutical, but an all-natural product that you can give to your pet with confidence and can be used with your pet’s current medication or supplements.

How do I use it
Dash a few drops to your pet’s food if your pet is not a fussy eater and the food is consumed in one day/serving or drop directly into your pet’s mouth for fast absorption if not aggressive. Administer a few drops before a planned function so they have at least an hour to reach a calm state of mind.

Recommended dose
The dosage might be different for each individual depending on size and metabolism. Start with a low dosage and work up to a dosage that works best. You can not overdose, if the dosage is too little, you won’t see an effect, then increase the dosage. If it’s too much, your dog will be sleepy, then decrease the dosage. Rather give more at night for a good night’s sleep and keep the morning dosage at a minimum. Only increase dosage if you don’t see a difference.

• Cannapaw Normal
Morning – Begin with 3 drops and increase to 5 drops
Night – Begin with 5 drops and increase to 10 drops
– For very big dogs you can increase to a max of 20 drops at night and 10 drops in the morning.
// Cats – 3-5 Drops

• Cannapaw Plus 
Morning – 3 Drops
Night – Begin with 5 drops and increase to 7 drops
– For very big dogs you can increase to a max of 10 drops at night and 5 drops in the morning.
// Cats – 3 Drops

Why we recommend it
CBD Oil is easy to use and ideal for non-area-specific issues such as anxiety, stress, insomnia, or depression. When ingested, the CBD is absorbed and digested in the stomach and spread around the whole body. The CBD Oil is most cost-effective for long term use. Stored in an easy-to-administer dropper bottle making it easy to calculate consistent and accurate doses, since you know exactly how much CBD is contained within each drop.

What sets it apart
Cannaco uses Broad-Spectrum CBD and not just CBD Isolate. Broad-Spectrum products contain Flavonoids, Terpenes, numerous Vitamins and Minerals, Phytonutrients, and other Cannabinoids like CBN, CBDV, THCV, CBG, CBC, THCA, CBDA. Although their content is significantly lower than CBD, they play a crucial role in achieving the entourage effect – Cannabinoids “working” in synergy, meaning that the products are much more effective.

Featured Benefits
• Relief of Inflammation, Swelling & Arthritis
• Pain, Joint & Mobility
• Digestive Health & Gastrointestinal Discomfort
• Inhibit Cell Growth in Tumors/Cancer & May Increase Appetite
• Epilepsy & Seizures
• Sleep, Stress, and Anxiety (Fireworks, Thunder & Separation Anxiety)
• Skin Conditions – Itching, Scratching, and Allergies
• Car Sickness, Long-Distance Traveling, and Nausea
• Post-Surgery Recovery

How to Store it
For the longest shelf life, keep your CBD oil stored in a dark and cool place in an airtight container.

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