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3D Breathable Sleep Mask

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3D Breathable Sleep Mask
3D Breathable Sleep Mask
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3D Breathable Sleep Mask
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Say goodbye to sleepless nights with a comfortable 3D ergonomic designed sleep mask. A natural sleep remedy which will assist even the lightest of sleepers get deep, uninterrupted sleep anywhere, anytime. Sleepless nights can now be a thing of the past.

This is the perfect sleep aid to optimize your sleep routine. You can get the full benefits of a complete blackout sleep environment that will have you wake up feeling rested and refreshed. A sleep mask with full light blocking abilities means you can easily achieve deep, restful sleep eliminating fatigue and other lingering symptoms of sleep conditions such as insomnia.

Ergonomic comfort design
Zero pressure to the eyes
Complete Light Blocking
Premium memory foam
Comfortable fit for your eye and nose
Adjustable Strap with Velcro
Sports fabric for maximum breathing
Blink friendly
One Size fits all

Whether you are traveling or taking naps at home, this is the perfect addition to optimize your health. Perfect for working professionals, seasoned travelers or students looking to get quality deep sleep.

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